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TikTok's Lessons for Nonprofits: The Power of Authenticity and Engagement

Curious about the phenomenon behind TikTok's rise? Explore how your nonprofit can leverage its principles of authenticity and engagement to heighten impact. Plus, learn about Gather Voices, an innovative tool that empowers nonprofits to harness the authenticity of user-generated videos. Read on to uncover the secrets of digital storytelling in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Exciting Announcement: Popular Live Workshop Now Available On-Demand!

Nonprofit Professionals Rejoice! Our Most-Requested Workshop is Now Accessible Anytime, Anywhere. Transforming Your Nonprofit's Social Media: A Workshop for Strategic Content Creation Workshop Now Available On-Demand Here!

Introducing the CharityHowTo Small Nonprofit Discount Program!

We are thrilled to unveil a transformative initiative designed to empower small nonprofits: The CharityHowTo Small Nonprofit Discount Program. This pioneering program is dedicated to making professional development more accessible and affordable for smaller organizations, ensuring they can continue to make significant impacts in their communities. By offering significant savings of up to 50% on a wide array of resources, including live classes, on-demand courses, memberships, live online workshops, and much more, we're breaking down the financial barriers that often hinder small nonprofits from accessing quality professional development. Our program covers an extensive range of topics...

Essential Insights from a Veteran Nonprofit Attorney: 3 Things Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know in 2024

Wondering what 2024 will bring for your nonprofit? Our friends at Charitable Allies have outlined three things you need to know in 2024 to ensure your nonprofit thrives. 1. Nonprofit Leader Tip #1: Having multiple sources of income for your nonprofit is more important than ever. It’s no secret: many nonprofits have struggled to have stable sources of funding after the pandemic. One way to combat this is to diversify your funding strategy. Yes, you should be fundraising from individual donors, corporate sponsors, and applying for grants where applicable. But is your nonprofit funded by more than just grants and fundraising? Take a look at other ways your nonprofit could bring in stable...

How to Identify and Retain Your Nonprofit’s Major Donors

5 Crucial Tips for Managing Volunteers in the Digital Age

A Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing for Nonprofits to Inspire Action

A Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing for Nonprofits to Inspire Action

Telefundraising: Is It Still Effective for Nonprofits?

Telefundraising: Is It Still Effective for Nonprofits?

Nonprofit Storytelling 101

Nonprofit Storytelling 101: How This Powerful Technique Can Make More Impact

How to Ask for Donations: 3 Easy Phases for Effective Fundraising

How to Ask for Donations: 3 Easy Phases for Effective Fundraising

Micro Donations: The 3 Big Benefits of Asking Small

Micro Donations: The 3 Big Benefits of Asking Small

Major Donor Strategy: How to Build a Major Gift Fundraising Program

Major Donor Strategy: How to Build a Major Gift Fundraising Program

4 Awesome Marketing Ideas for Nonprofits that Still Work in 2023

When a major brand like McDonald’s or Nike has something to sell, they don’t just tell their friends and family.

6 Latest Social Media Trends for Nonprofits

You’ve heard it who knows how many times.

Millennials & Philanthropy

When you think of millennials, who do you think of? How do you imagine them in your mind?

Stress Management for Nonprofit Professionals

Stress and burnout are a huge problem in the nonprofit industry. Heavy workload, under-staffed teams, strenuous budgets, and secondhand trauma can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being.

Text-to-Give Fundraising Isn’t Just for Disaster Relief Anymore

When cell phones became mainstream (and even more so with the rise of smartphones), text-to-give fundraising jumped onto the scene.

Monthly Giving Programs: 3 Things to Consider

Nonprofit monthly giving programs are popping up everywhere. It’s one of the most popular (and amazing!) nonprofit trends.

SEO for Nonprofit: 7 Tips for Setting Your Site Up to Rank on Google

Maybe you’ve heard other nonprofit professionals talking about it.

Fundraising Psychology 101: What Is It? Plus 3 Strategies You Can Use

As nonprofit professionals, we “make the ask” at one point or another. But asking someone to donate to your organization can feel overwhelming.

Nonprofit Copywriting: 5 Major Dos and 4 Don’ts for Writing Effective Copy

Does this sound familiar?

It’s Time! 5 End of Year Giving Campaign Tips Plus 3 Strategy Ideas

It’s Time! 5 End of Year Giving Campaign Tips Plus 3 Strategy Ideas

How Can Nonprofit Professional Development Prepare You for Leadership?

Today’s current nonprofit leaders were once in the same shoes you’re in now.

How to Choose the Best Donor Management Software for Your Nonprofit

In the nonprofit world, professionals spend a lot of time fundraising and getting to the point where a supporter feels comfortable and compelled to donate.

Disaster Relief Fundraising: 5 Ways to Do It | CharityHowTo

Disaster Relief Fundraising: 5 Ways to Get Smarter with Your Crisis Fundraising Efforts Depending on your nonprofit organization, you may be - at one point or another – tasked with fundraising quickly.

Nonprofit Podcasts: Should Your Cause Have One | CharityHowTo

Nonprofit Podcasts: Should Your Organization Start One? Plus How to Do It! Since smartphones first found their way into our pockets, we’ve had the world at our fingertips.

The Top 10 Things Board of Directors Do

Remote Work for Nonprofits 101: The Top Resources | CharityHowTo

Remote Work for Nonprofits 101: Your Complete Guide to the Top Remote Working Resources As the world started moving towards a digital space with technology at the forefront of business practices, more organizations started working from home.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Ads for Nonprofits | CharityHowTo

3 Ways To Use Facebook Ads for Nonprofits to Increase Revenue and Make More Impact

The Nonprofit Guide to Sell More Event Tickets

The Nonprofit Guide to Sell More Event Tickets

How to Build Stronger Staff and Volunteer Relationships | CharityHowTo

How to Build Stronger Staff and Volunteer Relationships for Little to No Cost! Very rarely are nonprofit organizations one-person shows. They require plenty of teamwork to make the biggest impact possible. And that either means working with nonprofit staff or nonprofit volunteers. But there’s a difference between having people work with a nonprofit and getting them to love working with a nonprofit! That’s why building strong nonprofit staff and volunteer relationships are so important. When your organization works to create a positive experience for all staff and volunteers, you reap the benefits. And some of those benefits look like: Having staff and volunteers who give their all when...

Nonprofit Grant Writing 101: Here’s How to Start | CharityHowTo

Nonprofit Grant Writing 101: So You Want to Write a Grant? Here’s How to Get Started! It’s one of the biggest ways to secure funding for your nonprofit projects. And no, we’re not talking about reaching out to donors. We’re talking about nonprofit grant writing in this article! If you’re looking to start writing nonprofit grant proposals, then get ready – we’re giving you the basics on how to get started. Class is in session! What Are Nonprofit Grants? A nonprofit grant is a financial contribution given to a nonprofit organization to help them with their mission or with smaller nonprofit projects within one, overall mission. Now, we know. That sounds a lot like reaching out to donors and...

Nonprofit Leadership Skills Training to Offer Your Employees

Inside Look... This guide will cover the following topics: Introduction Understanding the job description Having clarity about the mission of the organization How the organization is governed The basics of nonprofit law and accounting Where to find needed information How to be a great ambassador for the organization Time Management Summary

Featuring Our Wonderful Nonprofit Community: Krystina Burow

Today, we're featuring Krystina Burow, Development Officer at Tapestry Charter School Thank you, Krystina! 💙💚 Your comments take us to the moon and back! We're thrilled to hear how much our resources have helped you become a better nonprofit professional. This has been one of the most outstanding testimonials we've gotten so far, and we appreciate you taking the time to provide us with such amazing feedback. We hope you can continue learning and impacting the world positively with the wonderful work that YOU do. - The CharityHowTo team.

Top 10 Tips on How to keep your Monthly Donors

Inside Look... This guide will cover the following topics: Keep the Value of Monthly Donors Top of Mind Don’t Keep Your Monthly Donors Waiting. Steward them early! Be as Committed to Your Monthly Donors as They are to YOU ACT Before Monthly Donors Leave Add Credit Card Account Updater Encourage Electronic Funds Transfers Test Call Your Organization Ensure You and Your Staff are Passionate about Monthly Giving Review Your Join and Retention Processes Look at Your Numbers Introduction! “FIGHT TILL THE LAST GASP.” — William Shakespeare, Henry VI

Why Direct Mail Fundraising Continues to Create Home Runs

Why Direct Mail Fundraising Continues To Create Home Runs In today’s world, everyone is talking about nonprofit online fundraising. But before there was online fundraising, the nonprofit sector used a little something called “direct mail fundraising.” But now that the world is making a shift to virtual fundraising strategies, is this type of fundraising no longer useful for nonprofits? We’re talking all about it and how it continues to be a great option for nonprofits! What is Direct Mail Fundraising for Nonprofits? Direct mail fundraising for nonprofits involves sending letters or mailers straight to supporters’ mailboxes. The whole process involves writing the letter, designing it,...

Use This Fundraising Coaching Technique | CharityHowTo

Solve Fundraising Challenges with This 1 Fundraising Coaching Technique As a fundraiser for a nonprofit, your job is often critical to the success of the organization. After all, nonprofits rely on bringing in donations and other funding to create more of a positive impact in the world. Knowing that means that having the role of a fundraiser can come with a lot of pressure. If you feel like you’re ready to take the next step in your fundraising career and become an even more valuable asset to your organization, then it may be time to consider fundraising coaching! And if now’s not the right time for a coach, don’t worry. At the end of this article, we have a free video training on how to...

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Boards & Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success

Boards & Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success 0:00 Then asking styles, I have been in the non-profit world and fundraising my entire life. As I'm telling you just a bit of background. 0:08 If you could type in where you are listening in from today, in your position, that would be great. Or you were the director of Development, the development staff, executive director of Board members. If you could type that in the chat box along with where you are, that would be wonderful. I love to get a sense of where everyone is at. I am sure if I asked you to hear grew up, saying, I want to be a fundraiser.

Grant Seeking: 10 Tips for a Successful Grant Strategy | CharityHowTo

Grant Seeking: 10 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Grant Seeking Strategy Finding grants for nonprofits is becoming increasingly difficult. With 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone, the pool is becoming a little more competitive. That’s not to say there’s not enough room for everyone! But it is to say that we need to be more strategic in how we find our funding. And the same goes for grant seeking. Nonprofit grants are one of the most sought-after methods of obtaining funding for organizations. But with the number of nonprofits increasing, receiving grants can feel challenging. And that’s why we’re here to help! We’re discussing what you need to know about grant...

How to Maximize Engagement in Your Virtual Meeting

Beyond Virtual Facilitation: How to Maximize Engagement and Tackle Problems in Your Virtual Meeting 0:00 You'll be glad, this is beyond virtual facilitation, how to maximize engagement and tackle wicked problems in your virtual meetings. It's been about a year now that we've all had to rely on the virtual format to communicate with each other. 0:13 I think by now many of you probably have your favorite tools and methods, but there's always more that we can learn. I continue to be surprised by how many folks are still discovering tools that I've been using, you know, for months now. And how many new tools are coming up? So I hope in this short 45-minute virtual facilitation training, you're...

5 “Life Hacks” That Will Make Your Fundraising Work Better

5 Weirdly Easy “Life Hacks” That Will Make Your Fundraising Work MUCH Better 0:00 OK, thank you, Adriana, and thank you for being here. I'm glad you've joined us, and I hope you get something useful and good that helps your life, get just a little better. Before we get to the material, let me introduce myself. I've been in fundraising for a really long time, 30 years. You know, I like to tell people: I started when I was nine years old. And I've been largely in direct mail, newsletters, digital, kind of everything, OK? 0:26 Now, I'm probably lazier than you are. But I love fundraising for nonprofits. It's like the best profession, as far as, like, but certain, so in 30 years of being lazy,...

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Start a Monthly Donor Program NOW

Start a Monthly Donor Program NOW. 7 Reasons why you can’t afford to wait! Donors are the lifeblood of successful nonprofit organizations because they make up a large chunk of fundraising efforts. But having to search for new nonprofit supporters and take them through the donor cultivation cycle is a much more difficult process than reaching back out to past supporters. So, what if you could reach out to your previous donors? Better yet, what if you could streamline the entire process so you could count on their monthly donation? That’s where monthly donor programs come in handy. In this article, we’ll share how to start your monthly donor program. Plus, we’re sharing an opportunity for a...

Free Nonprofit Webinar! How to Build Your Major Donor Portfolio

Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Build Your Major Donor Portfolio 0:00 Oh, and I should add in any size, fundraising shop. So we promise we're not going to take questions, questions, per se, but I just want to get a feel for the kind of who's on the webinar. So if you can just type into the questions box, What percentage of your funding stream relies on major donors? 0:20 If you just want to type that in, What percentage of your funding stream relies on major donors? 0:30 Alright, and while you're typing that in, I'm gonna get started with a little bit about who I am. I'm your topic expert, as Marcella said, Robin.

Expand Your Network with Linkedin, Marketing Collateral, and more

How to Use Linkedin, Marketing Collateral, and Messaging Templates to Expand Your Network 0:02 Alright, hello, everybody. I am so excited to be here today and chat with you guys about some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn, marketing collateral, and messaging templates to expand your network. So before we get started, I want to tell you a little bit about myself. 0:23 My, I have about nine-plus years of fundraising and marketing consulting experience. I am also the CEO and Founder of Corporate Giving Connection. 0:34 We are a full-service marketing and fundraising agency that focuses on three core areas, advising, strategy, and day-to-day execution. And we love to work...

Cybersecurity for your Nonprofit: How to Manage Passwords

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Cybersecurity for Nonprofits: How to Manage Your Passwords Your nonprofit organization was created to do great things. The organization was built to help make the world a better place. And we know your mission continues to strive to do just that. But there are some people out there who don’t always have the best intentions. And sometimes, those people target businesses and even nonprofits in what’s known as cyber attacks. Thankfully, there is always something you can do to make sure your nonprofit organization and donor portfolio is all protected. We’re discussing cybersecurity for nonprofits in this article, and you won’t want to miss it: Why Does Cybersecurity...

Nonprofit Superhero Of The Month: The Harvest Fund

Nonprofit Superhero Series: They say not all heroes wear capes. And from working with so many incredible nonprofit organizations, we can attest to that. We meet people from all different backgrounds working at organizations with diverse missions, but they all have one thing in common — they are passionately dedicated to making the world a better place. Their vision, their compassion, their determination … it all comes together in one powerful package — no cape required. Today’s Nonprofit Superhero: Imagine you’re a single mother. You have three children and, each day, a decision to make: Which one to feed? Who ate last? And how long can the others wait to eat again?

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Start your 2022 Nonprofit Grant Strategy Off Right

Nonprofit Grants: Start Your 2022 Grant Strategy Off Right! Nonprofit grant writing is an excellent way to increase funding for your nonprofit organization. But because nonprofit grants are so competitive, having the right strategy is key. With the number of nonprofits registered rising year after year, it’s been more competitive than ever to be awarded grant funding. We’re sharing 7 tips to help you start on the right foot with your nonprofit grant strategy:

Move Up in Your Fundraising Career with Personal Brands | CharityHowTo

How to Move Up In Your Fundraising Career by Building Your Personal Brand Maybe we’re biased, but working as a staff member for a nonprofit is nothing short of rewarding. Knowing that the work you’re doing day in and day out is creating a positive impact on the world is enough to get you jumping out of bed and sprinting to the office. Okay, maybe that’s not every day. But it sure is a lot of them! That’s why a fundraising career is such a sought-after position. But at a certain point within your fundraising career path, it’s a good idea to establish yourself from the rest of the crowd of nonprofit professionals. And one of the best ways to do that is by taking inspiration from the digital...

Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising

Free Nonprofit Fundraising Skills Webinar: Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising 0:00 Today, I'm delighted to be here talking about the asking style. 0:04 I am a lifelong asker nonprofit person. 0:08 I did not grow up saying, I wanted to be in the nonprofit world, and certainly not a fundraiser, but I fell into it, like many of us do. I went into the nonprofit world. And the next thing, I knew someone asked me to help with a special, then, somebody asked me to help with a grant, and I became a fundraiser. 0:28 And I spent 25 years at nonprofits, either being the head fundraiser, or being the executive director. 0:35 Before developing, asking matters. Because I thought that I...

Featuring Our Wonderful Nonprofit Community: Serena Dallas

Today, we're featuring Serena Dallas, Marketing & Philanthropy Director at YMCA of Saskatoon Thank you, Serena! 💙💚 We love to provide you and all nonprofit professionals with high-quality training that can help your organization better reach your communities, strengthen relationships with your donors, and have the greatest impact on our societies. We hope you can continue learning and impacting the world positively with the wonderful work that YOU do. - The CharityHowTo team.