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Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising

Free Nonprofit Fundraising Skills Webinar: Asking Styles: A Revolutionary Concept in Fundraising 0:00 Today, I'm delighted to be here talking about the asking style. 0:04 I am a lifelong asker nonprofit person. 0:08 I did not grow up saying, I wanted to be in the nonprofit world, and certainly not a fundraiser, but I fell into it, like many of us do. I went into the nonprofit world. And the next thing, I knew someone asked me to help with a special, then, somebody asked me to help with a grant, and I became a fundraiser. 0:28 And I spent 25 years at nonprofits, either being the head fundraiser, or being the executive director. 0:35 Before developing, asking matters. Because I thought that I...

Six Capital Campaign Best Practices to follow for a Super Successful Campaign

This a guest blog post by RobinCabral Capital campaigns are the most ambitious fundraising campaigns that a nonprofit organization will ever embark on during its lifecycle. Because of this, systematic steps need to be followed to ensure that a campaign will ultimately be successful. Over many years, these steps have been refined into capital campaign best practices. The following are recommendations based on these capital campaign best practices that one should follow to ensure the ultimate success of their next nonprofit capital campaign. Steps to Improving Your Nonprofit’s Next Capital Campaign 1. Conduct a capital campaign feasibility study in advance. Feasibility studies are conducted...

96 Ideas For Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Finally, I’ve sorted the ideas by type, so you can easily find the kind you’re looking for. Then further divided them into these 4 groupings: Chapter 01 | 18 Food and Drink Event Ideas Chapter 02 | 21 Active Event Ideas Chapter 03 | 29 Social, Community, and Other Events Chapter 04 | 28 Mega Event Fundraising Ideas Dig in, and enjoy! 01 | 18 Food and Drink Event Ideas Many of the classic fundraising ideas rely on big events. Here are all the ones we could find to help you out! 1. Bake Sale Overhead Cost: $ Complexity to Plan: 1 Expected Return: $ The bake sale is a classic. It’s something everyone knows how to do, and your audience knows what to expect from it. Also, since you’re dealing in...

How To Engage Nonprofit Board Members In Fundraising

01 | Introduction Boards and fundraising, I find, often mix as well as water and oil. You know this. You’ve seen it. Perhaps you are living it, dealing with board members who say “I’ll do anything but fundraise” and who tell you that they couldn’t possibly give you the name of one person who might care enough about what you do to make a charitable gift. Believe me, you are not alone. I do a lot of board training. Typically, I walk into a room full of lively, engaged people. Then I get introduced, and someone says, “Janet is here to talk with you about fundraising.“ And suddenly, these engaged people cross their arms and legs, purse their lips, and resolutely stare at the floor. Boards are...

Mastering the In-Person Fundraising Ask

Inside Look – this blog will cover the following topics: 01 | It Starts With You 02 | Keys to a Successful In-Person Fundraising Ask 03 | When Fundraisers Are Afraid to Ask for Funds 04 | The Actual Meeting: Tips and Structure 05 | When to be Quiet 06 | 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Blow a Face-to-Face Fundraising Ask 07 | The Problem with Leadership 08 | Your Asking Style 09 | A Step-by-Step Plan for Nailing the In-Person Fundraising Ask 10 | More About the Follow-Up 11 | What if the Answer is No? Before we really get going, here are the 6 most important rules for mastering the In-Person Fundraising Ask Relationships Relationships Relationships Preparation Preparation Preparation Do you have a Jimmy...

Segmentation is the key to your nonprofits direct mail success

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How To Set Up Your Nonprofit’s Website For Monthly Giving

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Drink Your Own Kool-Aid…Start Monthly Giving to Your Own Nonprofit

This past week I heard this expression several times, so I wanted to explain why it’s especially important when it comes to monthly giving. Let me start with the Wikipedia definition: “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is an expression commonly used in the United States that refers to a person who believes in a possibly doomed or dangerous idea because of perceived potential high rewards.”

Direct Mail For Nonprofits – The Number One Thing To Consider Before Sending Your Next Campaign

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How to Overcome Event Planning Burnout and LOVE Nonprofit Events

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