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Start your 2022 Grant Strategy Off Right

15 Grant Readiness Tips

Grant readiness in grant-seeking organizations can be something that brings out the best of grant professional humor. When an organization is asked to consider if they are “grant ready,” the answer is usually a resounding, “Of course we are! We are ready to receive grant money!” Joking aside, grant readiness is one of the most important factors for grant seekers to consider, relative to each and every potential application. Grant readiness comes through in all aspects of your grant seeking. It impacts how you decide what your priorities are for grant revenue and, therefore, who and what you research as part of creating a proactive grant-seeking strategy. It impacts how you sell your...

Top 13 Grant Writing Tips for Your Nonprofit | CharityHowTo

Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC Are you just getting started in grant writing and trying to be competitive with the applications you submit? Whether you are relatively new to the field of grant seeking or you’re looking to increase your success and craft more competitive grant applications, we have some useful tips related to the best practices of grant seeking. Following these tips will fine-tune your approach to grant applications and ultimately increase your grant seeking success. 1. Follow the 5 Rs of grant seeking Grant writers rarely know exactly who will review the grant proposals they’ve spent so many hours toiling over. It’s safe to assume that they have some...

Grant Writing for Beginners: Where to Start with Research

Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC If you are new to grant writing, you are likely focused on what your writing should sound like. Perhaps you ask yourself questions about what is the right style or what is the right person to write in.  However, the truth about your writing is that the work before the writing is where you should start your efforts and your learning.  Writing and submitting grant applications without first following best practices in grantmaker research and grantmaker relationships will leave even the best-written applications resulting in rejection letters. Grant Writing for Beginners – Where to Start Before you sit down looking at a blank document with...

5 Things Not to Say in Grant Applications for Nonprofits

Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

3 Questions to Consider in Selecting Grant Management Software for Grant-seekers

Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC You successfully wrote and submitted a grant application. And you GOT the grant! Handstands, cartwheels, and high fives for your whole organization!  But now you have to implement the proposed work you outlined in the grant application, and you have to manage not just the program, but also the finances, and the required reports. And as you successfully start writing and managing one grant, you begin to build bigger grantmaker relationships and a grant portfolio for your organization building on your grant success.  Only now, the management of deadlines, relationships, and the decisions on all of your applications becomes more...

6 Tips to Establish and Build Grantmaker Relationships | CharityHowTo

“People grant to people, not to proposals.” — Heather Stombaugh, Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Why Are Grantmaker Relationships so Important? Relationships with grantmakers have become an integral part of seeking and obtaining grants. While not all grantmakers have the capacity or the desire to communicate with potential grantees prior to making a grant award, you must remember that your funders are humans, too. Your efforts in building authentic, long-term funding relationships and partnerships with grantmakers will make it easier to get grants from your preferred funders now and in the future. Here are six ways you can establish and solidify relationships with grantmakers before...

Mastering Your Nonprofit Grant Strategy | CharityHowTo

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How to Write a Grant Report that Exceeds Expectations | CharityHowTo

Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

Grant Writing Training For Your Nonprofit | CharityHowTo

What To Look For (And What to Avoid) In Grant Writing Training For Nonprofit Organizations Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC

How to Write a Compelling Letter of Inquiry

Blog post by Diane H. Leonard, GPC Letter writing may seem like a lost art, but done well, it has the potential to open doors for funding opportunities. Specifically, a well written letter of inquiry can open to the door for you to submit a full proposal to a grantmaker to support your organization. Many grantmakers have implemented the process of letters of inquiry from potential grant seekers as a way to learn more about your agency, understand your ideas, and determine if it is a good fit with their mission.  Letters of inquiry can serve multiple purposes including saving time for both funders and grant seekers and building relationships. With the increased utilization of online grant...

Federal Grants for Nonprofits: Are They a Fit for Your Organization?

Plus: How to be Submit Competitive Applications Blog Post by CharityHowTo Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC Your organization may have a successful grant seeking strategy. You may have great relationships with foundation and perhaps even state agency grantmakers. You may be managing your funding and reporting requirements well. But as your Board of Directors or fundraising team look at how to grow the organization further or diversify your revenue, it is likely that the question of federal grant support eventually arises. So how do you know if federal grants for nonprofits are a good fit for you? And if your organization is prepared to take on the 100+ hour process of applying for an average...

Building Authentic Grantmaker Relationships

This is a post by Diane H. Leonard, GPC Grantmaker relationships are a critical element of a successful grant seeking strategy, but you may be wondering how you can best build on those relationships once you get your first grant from a funder? How can you authentically build long-term funding relationships and partnerships? It boils down to the key question: “How can you express next-level gratitude for your grantmakers of all sizes and types (in a way that aligns with your own capacity and other grant-related responsibilities)?” Here are four ways that you can engage in more authentic grantmaker relationships as a way to express next-level gratitude: 1. Ask About and Respect Their...

Walk a Mile In Your Grant Reviewer’s Shoes | CharityHowTo

Have you ever received a rejection letter from a grantmaker and wondered what you could have done differently? Have you ever wondered, as you clicked submit for a significant government grant via online application, how your proposal will be received by reviewers? You aren’t alone! Grant writing is more of an art than a science if you consider how to customize your application and your organization’s story to meet the needs of each unique set of grant reviewers for each grantmaker. The best way to successfully achieve this art? Walk a mile in your grant reviewer’s shoes. Step back and look at your proposal as if YOU were the reviewer. Here are 5 key questions to ask yourself as you try to...

How to Write a Bulletproof Grant Budget | CharityHowTo

Would you believe me if I told you that the grant budget is often the *first* reviewed portion of a grant application packet by the grant reviewer, grantmaker staff, or grantmaker board?