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Text-to-Give Fundraising Isn’t Just for Disaster Relief Anymore

When cell phones became mainstream (and even more so with the rise of smartphones), text-to-give fundraising jumped onto the scene.

Monthly Giving Programs: 3 Things to Consider

Nonprofit monthly giving programs are popping up everywhere. It’s one of the most popular (and amazing!) nonprofit trends.

Disaster Relief Fundraising: 5 Ways to Do It | CharityHowTo

Disaster Relief Fundraising: 5 Ways to Get Smarter with Your Crisis Fundraising Efforts Depending on your nonprofit organization, you may be - at one point or another – tasked with fundraising quickly.

What Do You Need to Know Right Now?

A quick word of advice: Don’t panic! Times are tough, but it’ll be OK Sometimes you just need a little assurance that everything’s going to be OK. That may be especially true for you, for fundraisers and change-makers, during these chaotic times. Here’s a bit of advice from fundraising maven Ellen Cobb Church, CEO at Thrive Marketing Group Virginia. Ellen has been a fundraiser for more years than she probably cares to say, so she has a pretty good feel for the heartbeat of the sector these days. “Don’t panic,” Ellen is quick to advise. “Yes, we are living in an unprecedented time for fundraising. And just as we have in other difficult times, nonprofits will continue to connect with donors...

5 Best Practices to Promote Your Event on Facebook and Boost Registrations

Are fewer people attending your events these days? Are you hoping to dramatically increase attendance at your big conference this year? Rather than relying mostly on email blasts, word-of-mouth, and social media posts, many organizations are turning to Facebook ads to fill up their events. Advertising on Facebook works well for event promotion for two reasons: You can have your ad pop up in the Facebook feeds of everyone in your network. You can promote your event to new audiences that wouldn’t be possible through other channels. If you’re new to creating Facebook ads, here are the five best practices for boosting event attendance. 1) Why You Need to Crunch the Numbers? The biggest mistake...