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5 Tips for Your Year-End Fundraising

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Social Media for Nonprofits - 5 Tips for Year-End Fundraising Social media for nonprofits is here to stay. Especially seeing as more and more social media platforms are popping up all over the place. Considering a vast majority of people in the United States and across the globe have a smartphone and social media accounts, it makes sense to build an online presence for your nonprofit. We’re talking all about social media for nonprofits in this article, and how you can start building your presence online. Plus, we have a free nonprofit webinar at the end of this post from Taylor Shanklin of Barlele, who’s sharing 5 tips for your year-end fundraising! What Are the...

Social Media Fundraising In The Real World

INTRODUCTION Social fundraising is a critical concept to understand, but can also be a confusing and complicated one. The focus of this series is to explain the five key concepts introduced when social fundraising is added to nonprofit fundraising campaigns. A fundraising campaign can include an annual donation request, dinner or gala, a peer-to-peer campaign, an organized 5K, etc. This social media training for charities is a must-read! How to use this guide By the end of this series, our goal is to have communicated the value and opportunity, core principles to follow, and some next steps in order to use the power of social fundraising to benefit your organization. There are five key...

5 Digital Strategies for Nonprofit Event Planning

Planning events can quickly go from straight-forward and simple to complicated and challenging. As the new year continues, it’s important to gain a truly comprehensive understanding of the digital opportunities and tools you can leverage. This way, you can optimize the event planning process and increase registration and attendance rates. The scope of tools and preparation time you need depends on what kind of nonprofit event you’re hosting. At Fonteva, we are experts in event management and know that there are several core ideas and key digital tools that can supplement any event you have in store. Whether you’re a nonprofit planning a fundraising event or an association hosting a...

Insta-tips for using Instagram for your #GivingTuesday Campaign

“It’s #GivingTuesday! Give us money!” Yes, there ARE ways to use Instagram to raise money on #GivingTuesday. But that’s not one of them. #GivingTuesday seems so simple. Possibly because it’s so social media oriented. And we tend to think of social media as a quick ‘n’ easy way to raise money and awareness for our causes. But it’s not. Not really. Like any good campaign, a #GivingTuesday effort takes planning. And orchestration. And prep. “Most of the stuff I see is organizations just posting on their social media pages, ‘It’s #GivingTuesday, so give us money,’” Ephraim Gopin, founder of nonprofit communications firm 1832 Communications, says with a heavy sigh. But it needn’t be that way. In...

Moving Your Instagram Audience to Action | CharityHowTo

Instagram is a marketing powerhouse for brands, companies, and nonprofits alike. If you want to target a younger demographic, Instagram could be for you, with 59% of online adults ages 18-29 active on the network. More than 500 million people have Instagram accounts, more than 300 million of which use it daily!

Instagram for Nonprofits: 5 Simple Tips for Getting Your Nonprofit Discovered 

Blog Post by Julia Campbell Getting sick of Twitter? Are you considering joining the #DeleteFacebook movement? Have you considered using Instagram for nonprofits? Even though it’s owned by Facebook, building an engaged community of supporters on Instagram may be a viable social media alternative for your nonprofit. Here are some Instagram statistics from the Pew Research Center 2018 Social Media Report: 35% of U.S. adults now say they use Instagram (an increase from 28% last year); 71% of Americans ages 18-24 use Instagram, with 81% of this group going on the platform daily! Even if you have been on Instagram for years now, or if you are a complete novice, there are a few tried-and-true...

Instagram Stories: How to Start Using Them for Your Nonprofit

Blog Post by Julia Campbell What if Instagram Stories could help your nonprofit reach its’ audience? The social media struggle, especially for nonprofits and social causes, is real. Organic reach is plummeting on Facebook. Twitter is removing millions of fake followers from users’ accounts. 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Every day it seems to get harder to reach the people who care, let alone get new people into the fold and excited about your cause. But, there is hope… enter Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories have been exploding in popularity – and not just for early adopters and celebrities like Busy Philipps (even though her Stories are a must-watch)....

How to Build Out Your Nonprofit Social Media Calendar

Does your organization have a social media calendar? As a nonprofit marketer for a small organization, I am positive that you wear many hats. Between answering emails, making phone calls to supporters, editing the annual appeal letter and coordinating fundraising events, who has time to maintain more than one social media account?

How to Use Live Streaming Video to Build Your Nonprofit Email List

10 Ways to Use Instagram for Nonprofit Visual Storytelling

Using the POST Method for Creating a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Plan

This a guest blog post by John Hayden

How to Find Great Content to Share on Your Nonprofit Social Media Channels

This a guest blog post by Julia Campbell When looking for great online content to share with your target audience on your nonprofit’s social media channels, always think back to their passions and their interests. What gets them up in the morning? What keeps them awake at night? When you have a clear picture of who you are creating content for using online platforms such as your website, blog, email, and social media, you will be able to quickly brainstorm a list of content ideas and places to look. When you begin looking for content to share on your nonprofit social media channels, keep in mind that content comes in a variety of forms! This can range from videos, to photos, to current...

The 10 Best Social Media Tools for Nonprofits That Save Time and Money

This is a Guest Blog Post by Julia Campbell, originally in Wild Apricot’s Blog

How to Set Up Your Website for Maximum Online Fundraising Success

This is a guest blog post by Julia Campbell

16 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Facebook Page

5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs A Strategic Online Communications Plan

By Julia Campbell In my work with nonprofits, I often hear the same refrain about nonprofit marketing and communications: People are feeling very overwhelmed and stressed out by their never-shrinking to do lists. With so many digital marketing and online fundraising tools out there, how can a small nonprofit choose what to focus on, and how can they manage their time and resources effectively? There are constantly emails to send out, a website to update, a Facebook page and Twitter feed to manage, Instagram and Snapchat to explore, plus phone calls and meetings… how can a small nonprofit get it all done? The answer? You don’t have to do it all! Creating a Strategic Online Nonprofit...