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TikTok's Lessons for Nonprofits: The Power of Authenticity and Engagement

Curious about the phenomenon behind TikTok's rise? Explore how your nonprofit can leverage its principles of authenticity and engagement to heighten impact. Plus, learn about Gather Voices, an innovative tool that empowers nonprofits to harness the authenticity of user-generated videos. Read on to uncover the secrets of digital storytelling in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Essential Insights from a Veteran Nonprofit Attorney: 3 Things Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know in 2024

Wondering what 2024 will bring for your nonprofit? Our friends at Charitable Allies have outlined three things you need to know in 2024 to ensure your nonprofit thrives. 1. Nonprofit Leader Tip #1: Having multiple sources of income for your nonprofit is more important than ever. It’s no secret: many nonprofits have struggled to have stable sources of funding after the pandemic. One way to combat this is to diversify your funding strategy. Yes, you should be fundraising from individual donors, corporate sponsors, and applying for grants where applicable. But is your nonprofit funded by more than just grants and fundraising? Take a look at other ways your nonprofit could bring in stable...