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5 Tips for Your Year-End Fundraising

Free Nonprofit Webinar! Social Media for Nonprofits - 5 Tips for Year-End Fundraising Social media for nonprofits is here to stay. Especially seeing as more and more social media platforms are popping up all over the place. Considering a vast majority of people in the United States and across the globe have a smartphone and social media accounts, it makes sense to build an online presence for your nonprofit. We’re talking all about social media for nonprofits in this article, and how you can start building your presence online. Plus, we have a free nonprofit webinar at the end of this post from Taylor Shanklin of Barlele, who’s sharing 5 tips for your year-end fundraising! What Are the...

How to Build Out Your Nonprofit Social Media Calendar

Does your organization have a social media calendar? As a nonprofit marketer for a small organization, I am positive that you wear many hats. Between answering emails, making phone calls to supporters, editing the annual appeal letter and coordinating fundraising events, who has time to maintain more than one social media account?

10 Ways to Use Instagram for Nonprofit Visual Storytelling

The 10 Best Social Media Tools for Nonprofits That Save Time and Money

This is a Guest Blog Post by Julia Campbell, originally in Wild Apricot’s Blog