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#CoronaStrong – Engagement With Your Community During Separating Times

In these unusual and stressful times, it is more important than ever to stay connected to family and friends. Our older folks – parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles – will especially need connection. In my family I am dealing with aged parents (93 and 87) living close by but locked down in a senior living community. My two children and my grandchildren live far away. As an event planner and engagement strategist, I came up with a plan to keep my whole family in touch, somewhat sane, and loved. I want to share this with you as I know we are all facing the same situation. Here are virtual activities that I have scheduled for the next month. Remember, it is important that you have...

Nonprofit Event Honorees The Key to Your Event’s Success

Organizations put a lot of time and effort into nonprofit events. They spend countless hours creating silent auctions, designing invitations and tribute books, and crafting stage programs. However, they spend very little time and effort choosing the perfect honoree, and because of this their nonprofit events often underperform and even, unfortunately, fail. The difference between an honoree that is just okay and one that is perfect is akin to the disparity between a lame duck and a golden goose! A lame duck is just along for the ride, but a golden goose will continue to bring riches long after the event is over. Why Your Nonprofit Event Needs a Golden Goose Honoree A nonprofit event doesn’t...

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Fundraising Events

This blog post is by CharityHowTo Expert AJ Steinberg The holiday season is upon us!  A crazy, hectic time for nonprofits whose intentions are firmly glued on year-end giving. But soon this old year will fade away, replaced with a new year filled with great possibilities. For this new year, give your organization the gift of successful fundraising events. This is the time to bid farewell to bad event planning habits that have scuttled your fundraising events’ effectiveness, and to make a commitment to a new disciplined regime that will transform your bloated, boring events into sleek and engaging money-making machines. Here are five game-changing New Year’s resolutions you can make to get...

How To Create a Nonprofit Event Budget | CharityHowTo

Get a Grip on Nonprofit Event Budgets Creating Budgets and Cutting Costs Nonprofit event budgets are as unique as snowflakes, and just as elusive to pin down! Whether a gala, festival, or house party, organizations need to understand how to create a nonprofit event budget in order to successfully plan and execute their events.

Does Your Nonprofit Event Need a Psychologist? | CharityHowTo

This blog post is by CharityHowTo Expert AJ Steinberg Does Your Nonprofit Event Need a Psychologist? Many organizations spend an enormous amount of time and resources on nonprofit events, only to have them fall short of their goals. They may try changing venues and changing themes, but still, the events fail to meet expectations. What these organizations should be changing instead is their own mindsets and figuring out how to fix their events’ psychology! As a 20-year veteran nonprofit event planner, I deeply understand the psychology of fundraising through nonprofit events and how the choices we make during the event planning process will impact, positively or negatively, a guest’s...

How to Successfully Secure Event Sponsorships

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How to Overcome Event Planning Burnout and LOVE Nonprofit Events

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How To Banish Empty Seat Syndrome | CharityHowTo

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