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The Top 10 Things Board of Directors Do

Free Nonprofit Webinar! How to Build Your Major Donor Portfolio

Free Nonprofit Webinar: How to Build Your Major Donor Portfolio 0:00 Oh, and I should add in any size, fundraising shop. So we promise we're not going to take questions, questions, per se, but I just want to get a feel for the kind of who's on the webinar. So if you can just type into the questions box, What percentage of your funding stream relies on major donors? 0:20 If you just want to type that in, What percentage of your funding stream relies on major donors? 0:30 Alright, and while you're typing that in, I'm gonna get started with a little bit about who I am. I'm your topic expert, as Marcella said, Robin.

Move Up in Your Fundraising Career with Personal Brands | CharityHowTo

How to Move Up In Your Fundraising Career by Building Your Personal Brand Maybe we’re biased, but working as a staff member for a nonprofit is nothing short of rewarding. Knowing that the work you’re doing day in and day out is creating a positive impact on the world is enough to get you jumping out of bed and sprinting to the office. Okay, maybe that’s not every day. But it sure is a lot of them! That’s why a fundraising career is such a sought-after position. But at a certain point within your fundraising career path, it’s a good idea to establish yourself from the rest of the crowd of nonprofit professionals. And one of the best ways to do that is by taking inspiration from the digital...

Calculating Your Key Fundraising Metrics

Welcome! Evaluating the effectiveness of an organization’s fundraising program may, quite simply, be one of the most overlooked tasks in fundraising 101. But, it is extremely important in order to improve your development efforts and, thereby, the long-term health of your development program. There are common measurement tools and fundraising training resources available for the nonprofit industry. If this evaluation process is completed and the tools are utilized correctly, it can help transform your funding program. The end result will be a greater focus on your development efforts and higher returns. This resource emphasizes the importance of fundraising cost-effectiveness by fundraising...

Five Steps to Prepare for Your Nonprofit’s First Capital Campaign

Introduction Capital campaigns are one of the most extensive campaigns that an organization will ever undertake. In most cases, an organization needs to fund capital purchases, upgrades, and/or renovations and repairs. Given their highly episodic nature, organizations that are seeking to undergo a capital campaign must do so with foresight and preparation geared to success. The most critical steps are taken before even the actual capital campaign plan is drafted and far before an actual solicitation happens. Organizations that are embarking on their first-ever campaign or who have not undergone such intensive efforts in a while would be wise to take heed of the following preparatory steps...