What Can Your Nonprofit Offer in Exchange For Corporate Sponsorship?

This is a guest post by Simon Scriver

Are you looking to bring on more large sponsors for your nonprofit?

Great! Once you’ve identified the partners that you’d like to ask to for a corporate sponsorship, it’s time to consider how to provide great value in return for your ask.

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Before reaching out to the company, ask yourself… what does this company really want? Below is a list of ways you can create a win-win situation for corporate partners.

Feel Good Factor

Show them what will they achieve (not what your organization is doing…but what will be achieved because of them). They should feel part of the winning team. Connect them directly to your beneficiaries and your work through meetings, videos, photos, written testimonials, etc.

Another great way to recognize your partners and keep that feel good factor going is by sending out regular donor newsletters. Again, be sure to tell stories not about your organization, but giving the donor credit for the progress that has been made thanks to their contributions.

Staff (or Customer) Education

Your organization is an expert in your field of work. Can you share that knowledge with their staff and customers through talks and written information?

Staff Wellness & Support

Similar to education, but can you offer direct support to the staff and customers directly affected by the issue your organization is addressing. This might be an additional service or it might be part of what you already offer in your day-to-day work, eg. an existing public helpline.

Staff Engagement

Through fundraising events, team building exercises, access to your facilities and more. Do you have unique activities that you can offer to your corporate partners to distract their staff from the monotony and evilness of their jobs.

Access To Your Audience

At events or through your mailing list, are you willing to allow the company to promote their goods and services to your own unique audience?

Goods & Services

Do you sell products? For example, medical products or Christmas cards or clothing? Do you have valuable services and training you can offer? For example, first aid or child protection training?

Sponsorship Displays At Events

If you organize or host an event then you will have opportunities for a company to promote themselves through, for example, pull-up stands, banner displays, food or drink sponsorship, speaking slots, goody bags, etc.

Priority Invitations to Events Throughout The Year

Providing VIP invitations to your corporate contact (as well as their colleagues, family and clients) can be a great, low-cost way to engage them if it is an appealing event.

Optional Displays In Offices

You can display company names, logos and materials in your offices if you see public footfall. Additionally, you can provide plaques or posters for the company to display in their own office as a talking point.

Press Release Detailing The Partnership

Offer to issue a press release detailing the partnership to local and national media. Once the press release is published, be sure to share to news feature on your social media channels.

‘Best CSR Program’ Nominations

Charity umbrella bodies, marketing associations and business groups often run awards for campaigns, sometimes specifically for Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships. Your submission and nomination (and potential award) presents an opportunity for the company to receive further positive exposure (and shiny, meaningless awards!)

Regular Mentions On Social Media

Depending on your follower size, one-off or regular mentions of the partnership can be great exposure with a strong appeal to companies concerned about their on-line presence.

Signature Template To Use In Your Outgoing E-mail

It doesn’t have to be flashy, but creating an e-mail signature template for your organization’s or the company’s e-mails presents a further opportunity to present the partnership with every e-mail sent.

Logo and Link On Website

A dedicated page on your website detailing your corporate partnership not only pleases your partner but provides a landing page to impress future potential partners.

Acknowledgment in Annual Report

A specific mention of the company in your annual report is appealing, and an excuse for you to reach out your partner the following year.

VIP Benefits

What other VIP benefits can you and only you provide? Access to a celebrity patron? Tickets to exclusive events? Exclusive discounts? Benefits through other contacts and corporate partners?

Now that you know what to offer potential sponsors, it’s time to learn how to sell the sponsorships! Check out Simon’s full CharityHowTo webinar on how to secure sponsorships here.

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