5 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Learning

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Learning

Nonprofit Professional development is key to fundraising success

Fewer than 20 years ago, the nonprofit sector was a little behind the times. We were the tortoise to the corporate world’s hare, mostly when it came to technology.

 But we were miles ahead of the game when it came to heart. Today, we still have the heart and we’ve caught up nicely when it comes to the “head.”

 But it’s not a static thing. Ongoing education and nonprofit professional development are critical elements of a fundraiser’s toolbox. Here’s why:

  1. Technology: Are you set up for EFT? No? OK, your donors will wait while you figure it out. Actually, no, they won’t. Donors are busy people, and the easier you make it for them to give, the more likely they’ll be to give and keep giving. Nonprofit professional development helps you stay on top of tech trends and their practical application for your fundraising,
  2. But not just technology: Fundraising is about more than just cash transactions. More and more, we’re learning about donor motivation and the psychology of giving, and new insights are being developed all the time. If you want to get potential donors to give, you first have to get into their hearts and then their heads.
  3. Keep burnout at bay: Fundraising is a tough job. Constantly honing your skills can keep boredom and burnout from setting in.
  4. Keep up with the Joneses (Foundation). Like it or not, fundraising is competitive. The United States is the most generous country in the world, but there are more than a million nonprofit organizations here, all vying for their share of the donor dollar pool — and your share as well. The more in tune you are with fundraising best practices, the more your organization can rely on you to help it stand out.
  5. Keep the tide rising. As they say, a rising tide lifts all ships. The more professional each fundraiser is, the better it looks for the charitable sector as a whole. Professionalism in fundraising helps build donor trust, which results in people feeling more generous to give all-around.

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