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Free Nonprofit Webinars to Help During the Coronavirus

During this unprecedented and chaotic time, we sincerely hope that you and yours are safe and healthy. And that you are diligently taking precautions to safeguard your health and that of those around you.

Nonprofits do good all year long even in the best of times. But at times like this, when resources and patience are seemingly stretched to their limits, it’s the do-gooders, the agents of change, who lead the way in caring, sharing and responding to the call to help.

We rest easier knowing that you are out there, working for the common good. 

We are so happy to be part of that. And we’re honored to be able to offer you resources to help in your work.

U.S. organizations are no strangers to fundraising in a crisis. Time and again, you have carried on, funded your mission and continued doing your good work in the face of tragedies and disasters both natural and manmade.

But this is different. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of life as we know it around the world. Literally across the globe. 

The new normal is anything but.

Need continues to grow throughout our sector while at the same time many of the very avenues you use to fund your mission have been closed off. Hardest hit at the moment are events. 

First, medical professional guidelines said to avoid gatherings of more than 100 people. Then it was 50. Now it’s 10. Many cities have shuttered restaurants and other venues. 

What to do if you’ve spent countless amounts of resources – from money to manpower – on an upcoming event? 

We at CharityHowTo are committed to being a steadfast resource to the nonprofit community, especially during this chaotic and uncertain time. So, we are offering a number of free webinars around the Coronavirus and how your nonprofit can respond.

Keep an eye out for future webinars that we’ll be offering for free as we all navigate continuing to serve our nonprofits’ mission and vision during this uncertain time.  


Free Nonprofit Webinars to help your nonprofit.

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