Technology: Friend or Foe?

Kevin Kelly is the executive editor at WIRED magazine as well as the founder of multiple nonprofits. He gave this speech in Amsterdam in November of 2009 and makes some really interesting observations about the evolution of technology. In his own words, “technology is the most powerful force that has been unleashed on this planet.” Yet, so many people are afraid of technology and think of it as a point of confusion, maybe even fear, instead of what it was created to be–an avenue to make our lives easier and ourselves more efficient. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of all that.

Kelly’s speech reminds us that so much of what we can get out of technology is related to our approach to it. Like children, he says, there is no bad technology. If it’s bad, or rather less helpful than hoped, it leads to iterations and new ideas, constantly improving to become the best version of itself. From technology, we get “an increase in differences, diversity, options, choices, opportunities, possibilities and freedoms.”