Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources

Trying to get a handle on how to measure the effectiveness of your social media programs?  Boss asking about the ROI of your social media campaigns?

Need key statistics or metrics that will help you make strategic decisions to refine your social media programs?

Not sure what variables to measure to determine the success or your social media?  Want to know the best options for monitoring your brand’s reputation online?

My recent post How to Sell Social Media to Cynics, Skeptics and Luddites touched on the topic of metrics, measurement and ROI.  Here I’ve pulled together a collection of valuable resources, tools, & advice specifically on the topics of social media measurement, monitoring and ROI.  You’ll also find a handful of key social media statistics resources to put in your toolkit.

Social Media Measurement, ROI and Monitoring

  • Basics Of Social Media ROI

    From Olivier Blanchard: Slideshare presentation covering the what, why and how of Social Media ROI.  For more, see social media specialist Olivier Blanchard’s blog on Social Media ROI.
  • Social Media Monitoring Wiki

    From Ken Burbary: A wiki listing 100+ social media monitoring solutions – along with the Platform, type of media covered, url, and whether it’s free or paid.
  • 10 ways to measure social media success
    From Econsultancy: There’s so much talk about social media that it is easy for people to become cynical, perhaps losing track of the fact that it can have a positive impact on your business. So how can you determine whether a social media strategy is proving beneficial to your business? How do you know that it is working out for you? And is now really the best time to find out?

Key Social Media Statistics and Research Studies