NEW! FREE Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Effectively Share Stories at Your Fundraising Event

NEW! FREE Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Effectively Share Stories at Your Fundraising Event


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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Course Level – Beginner

Do all of your fundraising events reach their fundraising goal? Do you ever feel like you’ve left money on the table and wish you knew how to cause people to give even more at your gala, golf event, wine tasting, walk-a-thon, or other event? You aren’t alone.

The fast pace of working in a fund development office doesn’t always allow for planning an emotionally connecting event. Join Lori for 45 minutes to learn the top 10 ways you can more deeply connect with people and inspire more giving at your events.

To “missionize” your fundraising event takes planning and creativity, and it can actually be fun. Lori will share examples of mission-infused events where tens of thousands to millions of dollars have been raised. The key component is giving audiences an experience that connects to both their head and their heart.

In this nonprofit webinar you will:

  • Learn why stories make a difference in fundraising.
  • Learn a very simple framework for sharing stories at your nonprofit fundraising events.
  • Learn the top 10 ways to effectively share stories of your impact at your nonprofit fundraising events.

Presented by Lori L. Jacobwith. Master storyteller, fundraising & communications trainer & coach, Lori L. Jacobwith has a passion for the positive. Her strategies & tools have helped organizations to collectively raise nearly $250 million from individual donors. Lori has coached and trained thousands across North America to raise more money and powerfully share their stories. Lori is the author of Nine Steps to a Successful Fundraising Campaign, Withism’s From Lori: Boldness Clarity and Wisdom for Fundraising Professionals and co-author of the newly published The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits. In 2013 Lori created the Imagine What’s Possible Step-by-Step Storytelling System. The ONLY step-by-step guide that teaches advanced storytelling techniques. Lori has a BA in Political Science and Speech-Communication from the University of Minnesota and additional training through the Fund Raising School at Indiana University. She lives in Minnesota, is a long-time member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals [AFP].