Knots, Trust and Videos

Posted By Karen Rayzor on October 12th, 2009, in these categories: From GuideStar | From the Web

Knots, Trust and Videotape

Recently, my husband signed us up for sailing lessons. Initially, I was a reluctant participant. I viewed the experience as love collateral that I could cash in when, say, my relatives descended upon us. Our investment in time for the sailing lessons included two evening classes and four weekend days from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No less than four of those hours were devoted to knot-tying. Yep, tying knots. I never imagined that I, or my husband, would spend so much time attempting to perfect the bowline. We did, however, only with the help of an online video that we could watch over and over, until we could successfully tie a bowline.

This week, GuideStar and are unveiling a video which demonstrates the steps to update your GuideStar information: The GuideStar Exchange: A Step-By-Step Guide. I encourage you to view and bookmark this video. I suspect that you will learn the steps to update your GuideStar Exchange Form with far fewer viewings than it took me to learn to tie the bowline.

What does tying knots have to do with trust? A lot, actually. Sailors are team members that need to depend on one another. If a knot is not tied correctly, at worst a sail or a sailor could be lost; at best, a team mate will end up having to untangle granny knots.

What does your GuideStar Exchange Report have to do with trust? Everything! Information builds relationships. Relationships build trust. Donors and funders need to trust that their donations are spent wisely and prudently. Update your GuideStar Exchange Form and take the first step to building donor and funder trust! is the producer of our video. They provide Step-by-Step Video Tutorials for Nonprofits. Visit . also has video tutorials teaching nonprofits how to use Facebook, how to create your first nonprofit blog, how to use YouTube and more.