How to Use Facebook for Nonprofit Organizations has literally received thousands of requests for a step-by-step video teaching nonprofits how to use Facebook for their nonprofit organization.

Facebook has become one of the most powerful and widely used social media tools available today. Around the world, millions of companies and organizations are using Facebook to find and engage with supporters. For nonprofits, the power of Facebook offers an opportunity to promote organizations and to gain access to Facebook users who support those organizations.

This training video focuses on ways in which nonprofit organizations can use the power of Facebook to create a solid social media presence and to increase the audiences for their missions and ongoing efforts.

This video will walk first time users through the process of setting up a Facebook Fan Page for their organizations and explores how administrators can make those pages a ‘must see’ destination.

Apart for offering promotional best practices for nonprofits, the video will also show viewers how to:

  • Customize Facebook fan pages
  • Add and Remove Facebook Applications from pages
  • Promote fan pages through word of mouth and Facebook Advertising Campaigns
  • Set permissions to allow page visitors to contribute links and other content to pages
  • Create online photo albums and video feeds
  • And much more

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