How can your nonprofit benefit from Facebook Places?

by johnhaydon on September 16, 2010

How can your nonprofit benefit from Facebook Places?

facebook logo places How can your nonprofit benefit from Facebook Places?

Excerpt from an article I wrote for the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

You’re probably aware that Facebook released a location-based tagging feature a couple of weeks ago called “Places” that works similarly to FourSquare or Gowalla. The basic idea is that Facebook users can  share when and where they hang out with their Facebook friends (and sometimes the universe).

And if you’ve kept up on what’s new with location-based marketing, you’ve read about the companies that have emerged in response to our need to “check in”.

But what about your nonprofit?

So great –  brands are benefiting from local social. ut how can you use Facebook Places to create more awareness and money for your nonprofit?

To get started in location-based social media marketing, consider the following ideas

1. Shiny is never a replacement for strategy

No matter what social tools come on the market (and believe me, pretty soon you’ll see tools way cooler than Facebook Places), they cannot take the place of a well thought out strategy. For more on tools vs. strategy, read “Tactics” Actions, Not Tools” by Geoff Livingston.

2. What makes Facebook Places different

Facebook Places is different from FourSquare and Gowalla in two ways:

  1. FourSquare and Gowalla have carved a small path into the hyper-local social market. In major metro areas like Boston and Chicago, “checking in” is now a natural part of social culture. Facebook Places arrives on the market without having to do much work educating users.
  2. Facebook Places comes fully loaded with a network that beats FourSquare and Gowalla in both network quality and network size (well over half a billion users).

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