Free Webinar Slides etc..! How Nonprofits Can Get $10,000 per Month in Free Google Advertising

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Why Google Grants?

Your nonprofit is eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month in free online advertising from Google Grants to promote your website at the top of Google search results pages. How much you benefit from this free advertising depends on how much time and AdWords search engine marketing expertise you have.
Google Grants is a potential annual online advertising budget of $120,000 for you. That’s money that doesn’t have to come from your existing marketing budget or from donors. Can you imagine what your nonprofit could do with this endless supply of free online advertising? No? Well here are some nonprofit marketing initiatives Google Grants can tackle for you:
  • promoting events and selling tickets

  • growing online donations and fundraising

  • raising awareness

  • building email lists

  • connecting with supporters

  • recruiting volunteers

  • initiating sponsor relationships

  • signing up newsletter subscribers

  • registering memberships


ConnectAd and The CharityHowTo Team