A Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems

reportIdealware and NTEN, with the support of NPower,  announced the publication of their new excellent Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems in May 2009. This report — which I highly recommend — looks at 33 different donor management systems that cost less than $4,250 in the first year.  The research is broken up into two different actual reports.  The first, the Consumers Guide, outlines the functionality that donor management systems provide, summarizes each of the 33 systems, recommends useful systems for each of a set of specific scenarios, a high level comparison of 10 systems, and lists consultants who can help you select or implement software.  The second, Detailed Reviews, provides six-to-eight-page reviews of each of twelve different systems. This is one of the most useful reports I’ve seen in years.

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