10 tools and strategies to market your nonprofit on a shoe-string budget

frogAllyson Kapin has a great post on Frogloop, Care2’s nonprofit online marketing blog on 10 Tools and Strategies to Market Your Nonprofit on a Shoe-String Budget.  She writes: “If your nonprofit is not taking advantage of free tools like Add This, a widget that encourages users to share your organizations articles or web pages on the most popular social networks or branded toolbars like FreeCause, then your nonprofit is missing out on some big marketing opportunities.”

Here’s her list of ten tools and strategies:

  1. RSS Feeds
  2. Use the Add This widget
  3. Pick Two Social Networks
  4. URL Shorteners
  5. Care2’s Petition Site
  6. Google Grants
  7. YouTube Nonprofit Program
  8. Listservs
  9. Create widgets to share content or actions
  10. FreeCause Toolbar

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