10 tips for incorporating online video into nonprofit messaging

videocameraI wrote a short article for Mal Warwick’s widely read e-newsletter on the topic of incorporating online video into nonprofit messaging.  I was in the midst of working on an online video strategy for a client and collected my own thoughts and also aggregated the good ideas that I was reading online.  Here are my 10 tips, but you should make the jump to read more detail on each of these items:

  • Video should complement your other messaging.
  • Let your creative juices flow.
  • Keep video messaging simple.
  • Keep video messaging short.
  • Use video to go in-depth about an issue.
  • Invite video submissions.
  • Keep your production quality high.
  • Aim to go viral with your video.
  • Be patient and build your online video audience over time.
  • Learn more with the See3 “Guide to Online Video.”

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** The folks at CharityHowTo.com have a great tutorial:  YouTube: A Step-by-Step Guide For Nonprofits

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